To be a member of the Colorado Backflow Prevention Association you must be a member in good standing of the ABPA. If you are not currently an ABPA member go to and click “Join Now” on the home page. Follow the Online Dues Renewal Instructions to set up your Login Profile. New members should be able to add on the Colorado Chapter membership when applying for ABPA membership. If you are a current ABPA member but have not added on the Colorado Chapter membership, or if you are a new tester who has received a complimentary ABPA membership and wish to add the Colorado Chapter membership, you must contact ABPA main office at (877) 227-2127 or by clicking the “Contact Us” link on the ABPA website in order to add your CBPA membership. Dues for CBPA membership is $15 in addition to the ABPA membership dues. Please refer all questions or issues with membership to the ABPA main office.

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