Election Season!

How about some less contentious election news?

It’s time for CBPA officer elections. The BOD will be accepting nominations for the following positions through October 31st:

Vice President



Any At-Large Directors

All nominees must be members in good standing of CBPA and willing to further the mission statement of the CBPA. Nominees must provide name and biography to the Nominating Committee available at info@backflow.org. Please address any questions to this address as well.  Remember that you CAN self-nominate! This is your chance to get involved and make a difference in the local industry!

A paper ballot election will be held if there are two or more nominees for the same position.

If there is only one nominee to a position, the Committee will defer to ABPA National Bylaws Section 6.04.1, paragraph 4, last sentence, it states “If there is only one candidate nominated (for Vice President), the candidate shall be declared the winner of the election without the formality of conducting a ballot election.” This will apply to the other positions as well.

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